Residents and Petitioners Statement 8 November


We are strongly opposed to the imposition by the GLA of this major building project without public support. It is bad practice and against the principles of localism. Londoners are
witnessing an increasing lack of democracy in the planning of the city.

While new homes are welcomed on this site, over 3,100 people have signed the petition and hundreds have written comments opposing:

– the banality and overbearing impact of the proposed buildings
– the developer’s misunderstanding of the neighbourhood
– the ignoring of the site’s position on the key pedestrian and cycle route
– the wholesale demolition of an attractive and significant local historic building
– the absence of practical communal / retail / business space at ground level
– the effect on the City Farm including overshadowing
– the overshadowing of neighbours

The GLA under the Mayor of London is the landowner presiding over the scheme and will profit from it. The Mayor did not acknowledge the valid arguments put to him during the planning process and waved through the redevelopment.

The developer was chosen in a private tender process, allowing no public debate about the sort of development to pursue. Another tender scheme preserved more of the buildings and showed there was a viable alternative.

Local residents point to the local authority’s abandonment of the buildings for fifteen years, allowing its consequent decay.

We will ask that this scheme be withdrawn in order to agree a new improved design that
provides long-term housing and improves and enhances the area.

Notes to Editors:

1.  The petition to Boris Johnson at Change.Org has 3,104 supporters to date. At approximately 2,200 names it was handed to Boris Johnson.
2. On 23 October the Mayor of London approved Tower Hamlets’ granting of planning permission.
3. The land is owned by the GLA.
4. The hospital site was vacated in 1998 and later sold to the HCA for £9.4 million
5. Developers are Rydon and Family Mosaic, architects Hunt Thompson


Carry on signing the petition to demonstrate the strength of feeling in the local area and from everyone who cares about the East End.sign the petition


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