ABOUT this campaign

This campaign was set up by residents concerned about the redevelopment of the hospital site which has been imposed without involving people who live here. We have found that there is widespread support for keeping the hospital buildings as part of the character and heritage of the area. Read comments on the petition here.

The decision to develop the hospital site in this way was made without public consultation when these developers were chosen by Tower Hamlets and the HCA.


The hospital buildings were abandoned in 1996. Tower Hamlets wrote a planning brief for the site in 2002 that included the possibility of refurbishing the buildings

In 2010 Tower Hamlets decided on a 100% residential scheme with no other ground floor uses. The Homes and Communities Agency bought the site for £9.4 million then put it out to tender in private, choosing developers Rydon and Family Mosaic with Hunt Thompson architects (HTA) who planned to demolish all the buildings except the Hackney Road building’s outside walls.

The land passed into the Greater London Authority under Boris Johnson. Developers submitted a planning application for 188 flats in February 2013. Tower Hamlets approved the scheme on August 29th.

The application then went to Boris Johnson. In a private meeting, he did not refuse the scheme on 23 October despite our petition of 2200 names and now at 3100 names. The Mayor does not explain how he came to his decision. The report on this meeting was pre-written and the Mayor’s private planning decisions at City Hall have no minutes attached to them.

see more detail Sale of the Site


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