Hospital buildings now

The hospital was closed in 1996. See what happened next here.
The original children’s hospital was built on Goldsmiths Row in 1874 with the Hackney Road building added in 1902 and the Nurses’ Home in 1905. The Hayward research building was built between 1969-73 in the brutalist style by Lyons Israel and Ellis.QEH front Hackney Road buildingQEH phone box The bay window of the boardroom and listed phone box QEH site2The turn into Goldsmiths Row: the Hackney Road frontage will be modified and retainedQEH down goldsmiths Goldsmiths RowQEH variety 3QEH Goldsmiths RowQEH goldsmiths long viewQEH details 5QEH details 1QEH details 4QEH variety 2QEH details 3QEH long windows  QEH goldsmiths chimneyQEH hayward buildingThe Hayward BuildingQEH Kay St from Kay StreetQEH Coate St from Coate Street with the nurses’ homeQEH side entrancea side entrance
QEH from bike parkfrom the BMX trackQEH from across fieldthe proximity of the City FarmQEH from farm 3QEH from farm 4QEH from farm 2QEH from farm 5



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